GoGoaGone Movie Review, Cast & Boxoffice

Release Date: 10th May 2013

Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Kunal Khemu, Vir Das, Puja Gupta, Anand Tiwari, Pitobash Tripathy.

Box office collection: 38.2 Crore

Movie & Music: Voot | Youtube | Spotify

Directed by Raj & D. K and produced by (Saif Ali Khan,  Sunil Lula and Dinesh Vijan), the movie Go Goa Gone was released in the year 2013. The film is a multi starrer one.  The movie starts with Luv (Vir Das), Hardik (Kunal Khemu) and Bunny ( Anand Tiwari)  living together as 3 roomies and friends. After Hardik gets fired from his office and Luv gets ditched by his beloved, the three buddies plan to go to Goa in order to chill together. In Goa, they meet a girl called Luna( Puja Gupta) and Luv started liking her. The boys get invited by Luna to a rave party held on an isolated island. A Russian mafia arranged the party to launch a new drug called D2RF. However, Hardik,  Bunny, and Luv didn’t take the drug as it is way too expensive.  The next day they find out that the island is colonized by the zombies. Three of them go to the village to rescue Luna and all of them stay together. Boris from Delhi who is happened to be a mafia arrives on the island and introduces himself to be a zombie hunter.

This character is portrayed by Saif Ali Khan. All of them escape from the island with the help of a boat but after going to the mainland they discover that the land is also infected by the zombies. All of them take shelter in a vacant home and Boris leaves saying that he has some urgent work.  While Boris is away,  the zombies attack the rest of the four and they try to run away from there.  In the search for food Bunny, Hardik, Luv, and Luna reach the rave party area but the zombies never stop chasing them.  Bunny is shown entrapped in a tent and probably is dead.  Boris and Nicolai (Boris’s partner) arrive there to save Luna,  luv, and Hardik. All of them plan to escape and on the way back a zombie attacks Nicolai and he had to stay back in the forest.

Boris goes to get his cocaine and while waiting for the boat Hardik gets a call from a bunny who reveals that he is alive.  Three of them go to rescue bunny while Boris is surrounded by the zombies. Bunny reveals the trick that he used to save himself from the zombies. Bunny says that he threw cocaine to the zombies and the zombies couldn’t move.  Three boys and Luna go to save Boris from the zombies and tell him to use the trick. Boris applies the trick and it works.  All of them escape from there concluding the fact that drugs make life hell.

After reaching the shore of Goa they see that everything is destroyed. Boris, Luna, Hardik, Luv, and Bunny take out their guns. The movie ends on a note indicating an apocalypse of the zombie. The movie is available for free on Voot. You can watch a complete movie or download HD movies from websites available that are freely available.

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First of all the makers of the movie deserve a kudos for a unique attempt.  This zombie-based comedy movie (often called as zom-com) has a fresh approach.  The storyline is pretty much strong and the actors have done a fine job in their respective roles. The young bunch, Vir, Kunal, and Anand are quite promising. The dialogues are hilariously funny and enticing enough.  Saif is seen in a completely different avatar and it is pretty much likable.  The song ‘babaji ki booti’ goes too well with the entire concept of the movie.

The encounter with the zombies might turn out to be a bit monotonous for the viewers otherwise if you are a fan of comedy movies then you will love the movie.  Apart from being a comedy movie, it provides a very important social message to the audience. The zombies are the results of what drugs can do to the entire human race.  Overdosed on dangerous drugs the zombies have turned out to be a threat to humanity. Driven by hunger they have become flesh-eater. The movie tries to convey how dangerous drug is to our society.  The makers have chosen the title of the movie very strategically, as Goa is known to be a place where the youth gather and partake in things like a rave party. Overall the movie is a brilliant effort by the makers.  However the story is not over, they will be back with a sequel in the near future.