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Many people use Extratorrent Proxy site mostly to download free movies, Softwares with cracked versions as simple as that. God forbid, if you are a movie freak who hasn’t heard of torrents, this article about Extratorrent Proxy sites will be your holy grail.  Surprisingly, although the number of torrent users is somewhere in the millions if not billions; only a very small fraction of these users really understand what a torrent is, how they work and why the society actually needs torrents. There are many torrent platforms and people fail to select the right one. ExtraTorrent is one such popular platform you need to know.

ExtraTorrent was voluntarily shut down by its owners. In 2016, ExtraTorrent became the second-largest torrent website in the world. With more than 1 million torrents and nearly 200,000 daily users visiting the website, only PirateBay stood ahead. Like Yify, PirateBay, ExtraTorrent or ET was an online platform with content ranging from entertainment media to software. Visitors could visit the website, search for whatever they wanted and download the .torrent file. Extratorrent made peer-to-peer file sharing a joy to behold.

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Unblocked Extratorrent Proxy & Mirror Sites

If the Extratorrent site is blocked in your country, there’s a simple solution. Extratorrent has many ‘mirror sites’ or ‘proxy sites’, as you may call them. It’s basically a different website with the same domain name. Owing to its popularity, Extratorrent has many proxy sites to its name.

If you ever want to download HD movies, games, Softwares or anything torrent related; Extratorrent should be the website that you turn to. Once on the website, it’s easy to use. Just type in the name of whatever it is that you want into the search box and then click on ‘search’. You will be welcomed by a number of links. Click on any link and download the content.

Warning: Point To Remember

Downloading certain .torrent files can lead to a case of copyright infringement. Copyright laws protect media from being distributed by anyone other than the owners. Thus, most movies, games, books and TV shows hold copyrights and understandably so.

Therefore, downloading torrents can be considered to be an illegal activity and, that’s exactly why many Extratorrent proxies have been banned from the internet. So, from a legal point of view; no, we don’t need torrents. But from a convenience point of view, many torrent users will argue that, yes, we do need torrents. Ask them why? And, they will be like “Why not?”


Given above are the best listed  ExtraTorrent proxy sites. A real torrent enthusiast will know these domain names by heart. It’s never too late for you. Even using torrent clients on mobile is as easy as in PC. Go ahead, start learning. Once you are done with these, there are many proxy websites that you can learn about if you want to. Maybe torrents were born because of the materialistic and exploitative nature of big companies? Or, maybe we will be punished sometime in the future. Regardless, don’t let the guilt dictate you like a plague. Life is too short to worry about trivial details like this.