ZBIGZ – Download Torrent Files With Download Manager

Are you encountering problems with your torrent client? Are you tired of using your torrent client? Don’t worry, here is a solution to all your problems. In this article, I will introduce you the magical ZBIGZ.com website that will help you a lot. With Zbigz, you can easily download the torrent files with an internet download manager or any other downloading software that you need. You can use this software for free without the need of having any registration done. ZBIGZ is a very advantageous infrastructure that will solve many issues that you will face with your torrent client software.

A software like BitTorrent is a protocol file sharing peer-to-peer used for distributing large amounts of data. BitTorrent is one of the most common to transfer large files protocols, and it is estimated that approximately 27% and 55% of all Internet traffic. That’s huge! This means that by using ZbigZ simply can download almost everything you need. You can find best torrenting sites here. This is the main reason why we use this online resource so much.

Zbigz is a gateway between the huge data storage (BitTorrent) and you, with no need to download complicated software and research. The user-friendly graphic interface is easy to get hang of it.


ZBIGZ – Features

ZBIGZ has a lot of useful features to get excited about. You will be lucky enough to use a web service that overcomes all the disadvantages of using software to download the stuff that you need. Some of its key features are:

  • Your Personal Cloud Storage
    You can upload your personal files and keep them in a safer place. You will be given personal online storage to keep your private stuff safe and intact.
  • No Network Restrictions
    You can download the files despite having ISP limitations and restrictions. You just need to have the torrent file or link.
  • Video And Music Rendering:
    You can create playlists and stream movies, videos and music audios online from the files that you upload to the personal storage.
  • Safety and Security:
    You will be privileged with a secure https server where all the downloads will be monitored by Zbigz and nobody will know your actual IP address. This will benefit you a lot in the long term.
  • Nothing to Install and Configure:
    You need only your internet connection and browser. Just upload the torrent file or paste the magnet URL to see the magic.

How To Use ZBIGZ

Zbigz works by caching files with the help of a high-speed server. Without the need of having any torrent client, you can download files directly to your PC with the help of your download manager.

In this, you have various options available. You can choose the one that suits your need.

  • Uploading from your computer
    Click the “Browse”, which is below the input field button. Search torrent files on your computer. Click “GO!”
  • Uploading from the internet
    Copy a link from any remote destination (HTTP or FTP link). Paste it into the input field. Click “GO!”
  • Uploading using links to torrent or magnet.
    Copy a link to a torrent file from the torrent-tracker favorite and paste it into the input field at the top of any page of the site. Click “GO!” button.
  • Uploading the .torrent file
    Click the “Browse”, which is below the input field button. Search torrent files on your computer. Click “GO!”

zbigz website

Step 2: Press GO to start caching your file:
After you successfully upload your file, you need to press the go button to download your file to the ZBIGZ network.

Step 3: Download your file:
After the caching has been completed, you need to download the file torrent file by clicking on the download button. If you are using any download manager like internet download manager, it will take care of your download.

On a free account, there is a download speed limitation but on a premium account, there is no restriction and very exciting features that will surprise you. If you are more into torrent kind of stuff then surely you need to get hands-on a premium account.

I hope that you liked the tutorial on ZBIGZ and are happy to use this for your future downloads. As already discussed, ZBIGZ is a clever infrastructure that will help you a lot in downloading difficult torrent files safely, securely and anonymously. If you do not want to use the torrent software to download the stuff that you want to, you need to have knowledge of ZBIGZ which will let you be at ease in downloading files to your pc using any torrent file. You will be privileged to have access to files in a legal manner.